Site-Agnostic Cancer Diagnosis

Site-agnostic cancer diagnosis technology for powering the site-agnostic cancer treatments

In healthy state, immunity kills and controls cancer throughout our body from head to toe. And the 2018 Nobel Prize-winning cancer immunotherapy drugs called checkpoint inhibitors proved that our immunity can be used in treating over 48% of all cancer cases throughout our body (Haslam and Prasad, 2019). Coined “site-agnostic” treatment, this new paradigm of immunity-based cancer treatment works independent of the anatomical location of cancer and results in cure if successful.

With continuing developments in cancer immunotherapy, medicine is approaching the idea of curing cancer of any locations without surgical intervention. And in this nearing future, early and successful diagnosis of cancer or its metastasis itself is the most important concern, rather than the determination of its anatomical location.

Based on the proven science of PKA Cα autoantibody for pan-cancer diagnosis (Nesterova et al., 2006; Cho 2006; Cho et al., 2000), Biogemex is delivering the very future: site-agnostic cancer diagnosis for powering site-agnostic cancer treatments. Successful translation of our technology will be instrumental in accelerating and improving the fidelity of the ongoing immunotherapy clinical investigations against metastatic breast cancer, ovarian, or prostate cancer among others.

BioGemex is focusing on the development of point-of-care (POC) diagnostic kit to detect PKA Cα autoantibody which can be conducted by TumorScreen. Thus, TumorScreen will be the first site-agnostic diagnosis for powering the latest breakthrough cancer clinical investigations.

Different expression of PKA C α autoantibody

Comparison of conventional and BGX’s novel biomarkers

Conventional individual cancer diagnosis BGX’s pan-cancer diagnosis
Cancer type Cancer-specific Pan-cancer monitoring
Detection method Mostly qualitative Quantitative
Biomarker Mostly antigen Autoantibody
Accuracy Low specificity and High sensitivity High specificity and sensitivity (tested via ELISA)
(will be validated with POC diagnostic, the TumorScreen)
Early cancer detection (Y/N) N Y


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